Islamic Development Bank

The Trident Jeddah is very pleased to welcome Members and Guest of Islamic Development bank. Trident Jeddah is tailor made to fit all travelling purposes; whether you are a pious Umrah or Haj pilgrim, a leisure traveller, a business visitor, a busy commuter or you are on a short city break. Trident Hotel is also a rich & authentic setting for hosting events with Meeting & Conference Facilities that can accommodate any event from a small board meeting to a conference of 300 guests.

Special suite   SAR 770/-

Special Suite

Special Suite

Special suite is a one-of-a-kind lavish living space that redefines even your profound imaginations about luxury. In Special suite, you surrender to the comfort of leading-edge facilities and technologies, pompous and ostentatious design, generous space, One Sitting room, deluxe Bedroom, exquisite architecture and a mix of elegantly carpeted and classy wooden floors. The rays of delightful lighting can rejuvenate, while light shades are tranquilizing.

Executive suite SAR 670/-

Executive Suite

Executive Suite

Executive suite is a hallmark of exuberant quality and a fine blend of refined luxury and compelling dignity. It is designed to perfection in order to reflect your self-significance and respect. As soon as you step into these walls, the omnipresent honor flowing between them makes you realize the important person you are and you feel a royalty. The wooden flooring is extravagant and radiant walls gel in seamlessly as you parade, with One Sitting room, deluxe Bedroom.

Junior Suite   SAR 570/-


Junior Suite treats you with the lavish surroundings, handful amenities and warm ambiance. The suite has a wonderfully lit over-sized bedroom with a grand King size ergonomically designed bed. The eloquent furnishing, chic wooden floors, lush carpets and the rich decor are imposing delights. A short stay in this suite will stay longer in your memories as we have input explicit attention in all your specific necessities and expectations. Built in luxury, Junior Suite has a matchless class and irresistible character.

Twin Room SAR 480/-

Twin Room

Twin Room

Twin room is a spacious, airy and bright Room which render for two individuals. Ideal for friends or business travelers, twin room has all the ingredients for transforming your stay into an inspiring and successful one. The lighting is catalyzing and the colors are tantalizing. The radiant rays illuminate the curtain silk and spills gold on lush wooden floors. Seamless air flow and silent atmosphere will ease your neurons and let you work with a peaceful mind. A good night sleep on your private cribs will refresh you onward a fine day.

Double room SAR 480/-

Double Rooms

Double room  is tailor-made for a couple or a small family and is the perfect haven of comforts. Cozy interiors fashioned with sumptuous decor erected on elegant carpeted floors with royal furnishing are quite a spectacle to experience. The lighting is warm and colors are inspiring. Double room also harbors all amenities and suits all types of travelers.

Single Room SAR 360/-

Single Room

Elegantly and classically decorated, these single occupancy bedrooms offer the added comfort of queen-sized beds . With marble bathrooms and comfortable work desks offer the ideal luxury accommodation for a comfortable stay with all the exclusive services and comfort the Trident Jeddah offers its guests