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                          JEDDAH TRIDENT HOTEL 

                                                          (New look with Newly Renovated Rooms)

                                                                (FOR THE YEAR 1438H – 2017G)

                          HAJJ ACCOMMODATIONS

                                                              IN JEDDAH

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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh

 Dear Colleagues,

 Greetings from the Trident Jeddah !

The Trident is Associate of Oberoi Hotels, a member of the leading hotels of the worldat the busy shopping malls in downtown of the Jeddah City.Thanking you for your support and patronage for Jeddah Trident Hotel, as you are aware that  now we have a Newly Renovated Rooms facilitating your guest with better amenities

We are confidence that with your help and support we can work together to host  all your guest at JEDDAH TRIDENT rest assured that we will do our utmost effort to ensure an enjoyable stay all your Hujjaj Groups.

Should you require any assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned.Looking forward to welcome your all Hajj Groups at The Jeddah Trident Hotel. 

For Reservation & Inquiries, please contact the undersigned 

BAMZEE ABDULLAH                          

Sales Manager                                           

Mobile: 00 966 504672499            

     P.O. Box 17466,  Jeddah  21494,  Saudi Arabia, Ph: 6474444 Fax : 6474040

            E-Mail :, / /

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